An open-air amphitheater outside of Denver, Colorado built in the 1930s as a WPA project. It literally seems to be carved out of the side of a mountain, with huge red rock spires jutting up on either side, and a beautiful view of the high plains of Eastern Colorado spread out behind the stage.

It's definitely one of the most stunning places I've ever seen a concert, and has been the site of live albums by U2, The Moody Blues, Steve Martin, and no doubt countless others. The acoustics are nearly flawless as well.

The prominent and only feature of Sedona, AZ, a tourist trap that moonlights as a town. I can't remember offhand what chemical(s) are in the soil and rocks near Sedona, but practically all the rock is a rusty red color. Many people seem to think this is breathtakingly beautiful, but I got sick of seeing RED every time I looked out my window rather quickly.

The entire town seems to be based on these mysterious red rocks and especially their psychic properties. Shops selling "crystals" and psychic aura readings abound -- there are even real estate agencies that psychically evaluate homes for you. All this is due to the supposed "harmonic convergence" or "psychic energy vortex" that surrounds Sedona. Local artists paint the red rocks (replete with petroglyphs of that blasted Kokopelli) ad infinitum, and I saw several framed photographs of the landscape selling for upwards of US$200 at one of the myriad art-consignment shops.

Skip it. I'm serious. The Red Rocks will drive you mad. The only place I've been to that I've hated more than Sedona, AZ was Prescott, AZ.

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