The title of a 1978 album by Steve Martin that consists of his stand-up material from that era, as well as a live recording of the song "King Tut."

The album was recorded at The Boardinghouse in San Francisco and at Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado. Can you imagine a comedian filling up Red Rocks? Must have been quite a night...

The cover is a classic pose of Steve doing his Mack the Knife hand gestures, in a completely white three piece suit, black tie, and white bunny ears, standing next to a huge speaker tower. The back cover has a still, probably from one of his Saturday Night Live appearances, in King Tut garb.

Man, if you don't have this album, you need it to understand the full mystery of Steve Martin.

Also, the term "wild and crazy guy" probably derives from a sketch Steve did with Dan Akroyd on SNL where they played two brothers from Czechoslovakia who lived in New York City and fancied themselves swingers and sexy guys in their polyester shirts, hairy chests, and gold pendants, and did not understand why no woman would sleep with them.

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