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I know I'm in the minority on this one, and I admit fully it's me. I figure, humans must vary wildly in how they perceive smells, and I've got a strange one.

I hate raspberries. I will eat about any other food you can put in front of me, but raspberries will make me cringe, and my nose curl up in disgust.

It's the smell--it's way too powerful for me. It takes over my whole olfactory system and I can perceive nothing else but the stench of this overly sweet, perfumey fruit. It smells like artificial fruit flavors to me, so artificial raspberries are the absolute worst.

Mind you, I like strawberries a lot, and blueberries quite a bit as well. Even some blackberries are fine. It's just raspberries. And I know that people love them--including my wife, who I can't kiss after she eats them, which is sad because she loves them so much.

I'm hoping by telling my story other raspberry haters can come out of the closet. And while I am happy that all you raspberry lovers enjoy yourselves, I would be perfectly happy if all raspberries went away forever, and I don't think you would miss them as much as I hate them.

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