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I've always had a really strong Protestant work ethic. Or at least I assume that's the genesis of it; personally, I haven't set foot in a church for anything other than weddings for more than a decade. But the ancestors are Protestant, so it's as good a guess as any. Working one's butt off, especially for money, is a family trait.

And systems administration is a job that demands hard-core, type-A, control freak workaholism. They leash you to a pager, pay you absurd amounts of money, and you're theirs for life. Or at least until the next job. I once worked a 32-hour day when the system I'd just been hired to take care of disk crashed and there were no backups. And I enjoyed it, in a boot-camp sort of way.

But I quit my job a while ago, and I haven't felt motivated to look for a new one. I got cut quite a big final check because, owing to the aforementioned workaholism, I had 20 days of vacation saved up. Now I'm on the beginning of my 5th week without a job, and it's kinda cool. I've run rampant in downtown San Francisco and played with my cats and checked out local sights and spent a lot of time on Everything. Oh, and I've written a 3-page resume that describes 8 years of systems administration experience, but I haven't sent it to anyone yet.

I just found out that I enjoy slacking. Does that mean I'm going to Hell?

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