Consider all the various characters in Pulp Fiction who are interrupted while eating breakfast:

  • Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega -- interrupted by Honey Bunny and Ringo robbing the coffee shop.
  • The kids who tried to double-cross Marcellus Wallace -- interrupted by Jules and Vincent coming to kill them and retrieve the infamous briefcase.
  • Jimmy -- interrupted during his morning coffee when Jules and Vincent come to his house with a corpse in the car.
  • Butch -- unable to make it to breakfast in the first place because Butch must go retrieve his gold watch. Later, interrupted while making toaster pastries when he realizes that the gangsters are in his apartment at that very moment.
  • Marcellus Wallace -- returning to Butch's apartment with coffee and doughnuts when Butch runs him over.
  • Lance (the drug dealer) -- eating a bowl of cereal when Vincent comes to his house with the dying Mia Wallace.

At that, I've probably forgotten a few. What does it all mean?

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