I am a hairy male, irl. Not abnormally so, in my experience (which is unfortunately large), but noticeable at first glance. I have hairy genitalia.

When I Had My Vasectomy I had to be shaved. It was unpleasant. The nurse was not gentle.

The itching was worse than the pain of the surgery. The prickling during sex was distracting. My wife hated the stubble. I can only imagine how bad that was for her.

I had considered shaving myself before. My wife has, and trims quite close for her own comfort and appearance, and I believed that I would do that for her.

That notion was rudely banished after I was shaved. That will not happen now. The itching, the chafing, the prickling feeling. It was all awful.

Ladies, more power to you, and thank you for everything you do for us.

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