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Anorchia is the congenital absense of testicles in human males. Yes, that means you were born with a penis but no balls. I'll pause briefly while you regain your composure.

Thanks. Anorchia has no known cause, but its symptoms are obvious at birth. The scrotum is empty or flat, the testicles are not detectable but the penis is without abnormality.

Note: not all boys born with empty scrotums have anorchia. Often the testicles simple haven't yet descended into the sac, a condition known as cryptorchism.

While symptoms are immediately recognizable, later indications might include delayed start of puberty or a lack of secondary sexual characteristics like pubic hair, voice change, semen production, etc.

Anorchia is often treated with male hormones, which cannot stimulate growth of testicles but will supplement other sexual development. Support groups or counseling are generally recommended, due to the sensitive nature of the condition. Furthermore, because anorchia implies infertility, adult males will need to explore alternative fertility methods or adoption.

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