That's easy. I have more than enough willpower to do that. I would just tell myself "no more," and that would be that. No more of this paranoia and more of these uninspired more more low more hurting you in the process of hurting myself.


Simple. Because life is so much more than these idiotic bores. I can do better than this. I recognize that opportunities abound for someone as intelligent and determined as me. And I'm dragging you down into my little carnival of insanity. No. I'll stop that now.


I've never seen such arboreal bliss torched so delicately by a sun so indifferent to the creatures below. And in your eyes is such trust, such a belief that I would never do anything to hurt someone so broken as yourself. Birds chirping...motors humming...and the almost inaudible sound of one person becoming slowly paralyzed by your beauty.


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