here,so many       The Gardens of the old country were so lovely--
         thIngs are         I don't know what to write any more.                q
        uncleAr--My         f                                                     r
        garden wastes       f                                                      s
       ,LoomIng AiR         |----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|
       THIckEns,Fire        I measure out         these columns         because the i-
      reIGNs OveR           deas won't c-         ome.  They a-         fford me some
      sAnd,Mirage,          sanity, which         these days is         otherwise obs-
     &all.UmbrellaS         cured by the          heat pouring          in from outside.
     . BIG,OverThe          Plagues desc-         end from the          mountains.  I
    Plants,HIdden           shut all the          windows, lock         the shutters.
    LongtimeAND--           I can't stand         the clicking          at night, of
   ER(Error)Roars           insect bodies         bounc-    ing         blindly into--
  wiTH locust                    I hmst get out.  I must save th-      is land.  Other-
  Enswirls eN-              wise our chil-        dren will ha-         ve no thing b-
 (Cool-ly)He-               ut sand--they             will not          know grass,or
 Ighten(coLD)               cool dew,or            butterflies,                treeshade--
HUngry,MANdibles            they will not            know                   god.
GnawingOnDust               &it.will.be.             my.        fault.            --MORE--

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