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I am aging into a relapsed youth.
I am growing into my childhood stories.
I am all the things I said I'd never be,
And all the things I admired at the same time.

I am shaking in my souls.

There is so much that I don't know,
So much I haven't seen,
And I am burning because I there are so many lives I have only glimpsed,
That I will never taste myself.

I need... I need-

If you want to kiss, then you should kiss,
If you want to cry, then you should cry,
And if you want to live, then you may live.
I will teach you how.

My precious little nymph.

I am me,
We are we,
You are my favourite scene.

My darling picturesque doll,
Let me pull your golden strings,
White nails and purple asphyxia.

My sweet little plaything,
My virtuous little puppet,

I look so forward to breaking you.

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