A 1995 Bud Light advertising campaign created by David Merhar. (Jeez, was it really that long ago?)

The first commercial of the campaign started off by feigning a sincere tear-jerking moment between a father and son while they were fishing. It could have even been a Hallmark commercial. There was soft sentimental piano music playing in the background softening the audience for a tender revelation. Then Johnny - the central character in the commercials played by Rob Fitzgerald - became suddenly and overwhelmingly filled with love for his dad (ostensibly because they were bonding while they were fishing). After an awkward stammering beginning he breaks out with a teary "I LOVE YOU MAN!"

However Johnny's dad knows that Johnny is full of shit, and he doesn't fall for Johnny's ruse to get him to share his Bud Light.

After the success of the first commercial an entire series followed where Johnny tells various people, male and female, "I love you man!". In one spot he actually meets Charlton Heston whereupon he tells him sincerely, "...that chariot thing you did - I love you, man."

Heston doesn't fall for it either.

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