A parody of the phrase "I resent that remark!". Best used when somebody calls you something unusual and/or absurd. I once used it when asked "Are some kind of communist or something?"

--OutpostMir--'s Note: IANAC. And I wasn't aware the line is a classic Stooges zinger. So leave me alone!
"I resemble that remark!" is a classic comedy line. Anything you have read in recent popular culture containing has stolen from the past.

I myself was introduced to this line by watching Curly utter it in countless episodes of The Three Stooges. The joke proceeds like this:

(Snooty Rich Lady): "Murphy, who are those slovenly creatures at the door?"

(Murphy the butler): "The plumbers, Madam."

(Snooty Rich Lady): "Well, send them to the servant's entrance. We can't allow rifraff in the front door."

(Curly): "I resemble that remark!"

I suspect, however, that the Three Stooges stole the line themselves from Amos 'n Andy.

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