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I wanted to be a singer
but my voice would break
on the high notes and wasn't

I wanted to be a musician
but my fingers slipped from the keys
when I'd grip them
like I was drowning.

I wanted to be a poet
but the words drowned the lines
fell off of the page
and washed away cheap Christmas decorations.

I wanted to be a soldier
rifle slung carefully
but the bullet casings
burnt my arms.

I wanted to be a Prince
but I wasn't born
to the right family
besides, I didn't have the nose.

I wanted to run
with my feet sore, bandaged
and still hopeful
but my heels wouldn't budge.

I wanted to see the you laugh
but you called my jokes dry, humourless

so I bit down 'till I bled.

I wanted to make you happy
as you woke
but you said nightmares
consume you.

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