I was young and I needed the money is the first, and only, release by The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination. It's a super jazzed out drum n bass offering from Ninja Tune that was released in November 1998. It's a member of the drum n bass familly where the listener is not sure if live musicians where used, if it's all sampled or if the artist played the parts into his sampler/computer and tweaked them proper. I lean towards a mix of his own live playing (the rhythm combination being tongue in cheek) and sampling of other artists (there are two definite Antonio Carlos Jobim samples). Gilberto runs a graphic design company, hi-res.net, and it seems as though he never intended to release this music, the ninja site saying it was his girlfriend who sent in the demo and it was the only place that it was sent. It's sad that even though this album is strong and was well received nothing new has come out from Gilberto (or maybe he just uses a different name).

On I was young and I needed the money Gilberto takes it slow and deep groovy at times but most of the album is a mix of hard and spastic jungle (there are not many obvious loops. Think squarepusher) with heavy jazz oriented instrumentation (stand up bass, vibraphones, pianos, guitars and on and on). One track near the end he manages to propel the song with not only the frantic cut up beats but with a choir that sits nicely and adds a freshness to the whole album. The album has a self aware humor and over the top positive melodies. Definitely worth checking out if your into new jazz or jazzy drum & bass.

"I’ve always believed in the idea of using contrast. For me, there’s no sense in making something that’s entirely beautiful. If something’s all smooth then it has no edges – there’s no point to it." –Clifford Gilberto

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