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This syndrome is fairly common among those who MUD. When you change realms, after having advanced your character or avatar quite far in experience or other game-controlled stats, perhaps even becoming an imm, you feel you should be allowed to jump to the higher levels without spending the copious free time you no longer have to waste.

Phrases commonly uttered by those affected by those syndrome include:

  1. I was a god on AnotherMUD.
  2. I played AnotherMUD for X years (months, etc).
  3. I'm not really a newbie.
  4. Why won't people listen to me, I know the game.

This Syndrome is not contagious in any way, unless you are a sheep that follows other mudders as they change realms, and act as they do. The cure for it is a bit of maturity, and the realization that what you did was not done here (That is, the new realm).

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