Beginning in late 2006, DEEP BLACK operatives began to assemble information on deep-grid data collection activities by MAJESTIC-controlled arms of the Federal Government and to leak selected information about these activities to the press and non-EMPIRE policymakers. Project SYENE was evaluated for Dresden/Yalta utility before being exposed to several press contacts, resulting in domestic legal challenges being raised against POTUS Bush's collection efforts - sponsored by MAJESTIC against DEEP BLACK and the other Dresden/Yalta organizations with the 'Global War on Terror' as official cover. By January of 2007, SYENE was compromised to the point where POTUS Bush was forced to announce that the FISA court would oversee all domestic intelligence collection. POTUS Bush issued Executive Order 13422,1, forcing the presence of a MAJESTIC operative minder on all federal agencies in an attempt to determine the source of the SYENE leaks.

Meanwhile, PORTAL/ALEPH exploitation had remained underway at SITE GAMMA and PORTAL/EPSILON, the site buried within Irem al-Zhad. Contact teams of DEEP BLACK and LAUNDRY personnel had made seven sorties through portals ALEPH and EPSILON in search of life-forms. Two teams were lost before a third returned with casualties and the news that unknown sentient forms had been encountered six portal transitions from PORTAL/EPSILON. The contact team had come under attack of unknown type, losing two members, before managing to retreat through the prior portal and sealing it shut via pre-placed avalanche charges.

In late February, a rogue DEEP BLACK agent attempted to sponsor an assassination attempt against MAJESTIC director Cheney during the latter's visit to Afghanistan. The attack failed; the DEEP BLACK station chief responsible was remote terminated via servitor.

During the month of February, unexplained weather patterns resulted in several severe tornado strikes on the CONUS. One week following the return of the final contact team through PORTAL/EPSILON, DEEP BLACK received an Emergency Action Message from ELDER DRAGON assets near Ulyanovskaya, Russia, warning that unknown seismic anomalies were occurring beneath several mining facilities with no known cause. On March 19 a mine complex was attacked by unknown forces, resulting in approximately 110 casualties. ELDER DRAGON characterized the event as a 'methane explosion' but communicated to DEEP BLACK that plasmid systems similar to HARPERS FERRY sightings had been engaged (unsuccessfully) within the mine. ELDER DRAGON personnel, unable to secure MANHATTAN release, elected to collapse the mine.

Towards the end of March, BENTHIC OUTREACH operations were finally successful in raising PRIOR TENANT communications near Hawaii. PRIOR TENANT indicated that they were fully engaged with HARPERS FERRY on a global scale and had indications that new forces and technology had entered the conflict. They requested information. DEEP BLACK communicated the results of PORTAL/EPSILON, and PRIOR TENANT confirmed that the newly sighted plasmids from Ulayanovskaya were similar but not identical to HARPERS FERRY. PRIOR TENANT opined that the plasmid systems might be extraterrestrial Shoggoth remnants, alerted by the PORTAL teams and operating through an as-yet unknown portal site. DEEP BLACK, on behalf of Dresden/Yalta, agreed to unrestricted operations against both HARPERS FERRY and the new threat, codenamed SPARTACUS APERTURE.

At around this time, MAJESTIC, unaware of the new front opening, began to initiate measures against Iran using WMD rhetoric. Iran, which had garnered tacit approval for SPECWEAPS MANHATTAN acquisition from the Dresden/Yalta signatories, was not aware of the MAJESTIC/DEEP BLACK split and assumed that Dresden/Yalta had revoked prior MANHATTAN endorsement. Iran sent notification to LAUNDRY that it was withdrawing from any and all Dresden/Yalta instruments effective immediately upon the UN Security Council approving anti-enrichment sanctions.

On April 1, a temblor of Richter magnitude 8.1 was detected off the Solomon Islands. The resulting tsunami and the quake itself killed some 35 persons. DEEP BLACK and ANCESTRAL GIFT assets reported that the quake was centered on one of the few known HARPERS FERRY installations above the Benthic Line, and that the installation was destroyed. PRIOR TENANT was assumed to be responsible.

Before a BENTHIC OUTREACH mission could confirm this, however, Iran announced to the world its ability to enrich uranium. DEEP BLACK analysts posited that Iran had become aware of the MAJESTIC wars, and was couching messages intended for DEEP BLACK in public statements in an attempt to force disclosure of Dresden/Yalta.

Senate policymakers, guided by DEEP BLACK suggestors, passed a bill intending to ease the restrictions on stem cell research that POTUS Bush had emplaced to stifle EMPIRE activities.

On May 6, message traffic was recorded between HARPERS FERRY and Iranian government assets. Later that day, a Category F-5 tornado leveled Greensburg, KS, apparently under HARPERS FERRY atmospheric influence. While DEEP BLACK struggled to plan a response while also fighting MAJESTIC, a second incursion killed 38 miners in Novokuznetsk, near to the site of the first mine attack. ELDER DRAGON declared that it was opening operational restrictions against SPARTACUS APERTURE and warned other D/Y signatories that if indicated it would engage HARPERS FERRY as well if detected.

In July, in order to cover what DEEP BLACK recognized as preparations for covert but high-intensity SPECWEAPS combat expected, Russia withdrew from the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty so as to avoid violating its provisions and forcing inspections.

On July 17th, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 was detected near Niigata, Japan. DEEP BLACK analysis section determined that this and prior quakes were PRIOR TENANT operations directed at HARPERS FERRY, and opened classification INDRA NEPTUNE for all current ongoing HARPERS FERRY/PRIOR TENANT combat operations and their effects.

A nuclear facility in Kashiwazaki was heavily damaged by the Niigata quake, and was discovered by ANCESTRAL GIFT covert forces to contain MANHATTAN facilities intended for use against PRIOR TENANT installations by EMPIRE HARPERS personnel within the JSDF. PORTAL/ALEPH teams reported locating a terrestrial portal seventeen portal transitions from ALEPH at an unknown deep sea location using seawater analysis to confirm its Terran nature. This information was passed to PRIOR TENANT, but no response was forthcoming. On August 15th, however, a magnitude 8.0 quake took place off the central coast of Peru. Following this, PORTAL teams reported that the unknown Terran portal had been sealed by debris or damage.

Less than a week later, however, Hurricane Dean made landfall in Mexico and destroyed a DEEP BLACK oceanographic research facility, interfering with BENTHIC OUTREACH operations. In order to replace the lost communications capability, Space Shuttle Discovery was tasked to install covert DEEP BLACK communications gear aboard the International Space Station during a scheduled construction mission. The activity required the relocation of an entire solar panel array.

Meanwhile, unexpectedly to the Dresden/Yalta agencies, the IDF performed a surprise strike against a facility on the Euphrates River which sources indicated to the press contained a North Korean-designed Magnox nuclear reactor. Sampling, however, showed radiation - but of a different spectra, one more consistent with SPECWEAPS systems.

MAJESTIC, at this point, had become entangled firmly in public American foreign and domestic policy, and was under stress caused by their activities and agenda becoming visible via policy decisions. MAJESTIC operative Karl Rove was forced to resign due to attracting far too much attention after serving as the 'source' of many of MAJESTIC's policy initiatives.

Although no known Dresden/Yalta facilities were involved, Tropical Storm Noel swept through the Caribbean on October 31, killing over a hundred. During the storm, major disturbances were reported near the Puerto Rican abyssal. DEEP BLACK estimated that HARPERS FERRY and PRIOR TENANT forces were directly engaged below the Benthic Line. Severe weather seasonal warnings were enacted to attempt to lower traffic in the affected area.

In early November on the Black Sea, a severe storm sank 10 ships. Although 11 were publicly lost, ELDER DRAGON reported that the eleventh, the tanker Volganeft-139, was scuttled to dump its cargo on a suspected HARPERS FERRY installation in an attempt to control regional weather disruption.

In response, on November 15th, Cyclone Sidr killed over 3,500 people in Bangladesh. A few days later, in what appears to DEEP BLACK to be a coordinated offensive, another incursion (this time in Ukraine) resulted in another 100 or so miners killed and an unknown number of ELDER DRAGON personnel lost in combat.

On November 20th, MAJESTIC suffered another blow when scientists in the U.S. announced the creation of stem cell lines from skin cells, effectively bypassing POTUS Bush's prohibition on EMPIRE research. Three days later, on the 23rd, a cruise ship near SITE GAMMA was lost to what is determined to be a PRIOR TENANT communications attempt. All 100 passengers and 50 crew of the Explorer were rescued by nearby ships; a DEEP BLACK team completed the BENTHIC OUTREACH tasking and received intelligence warning them of a new HARPERS FERRY/SPARTACUS APERTURE facility being constructed off the west coast of South Korea with intent to disrupt the fragile truce on the peninsula.

A special operations force of ELDER DRAGON, ANCESTRAL GIFT, DEEP BLACK and LAUNDRY operatives succeeded in causing the controlled spill of over 2.8 million gallons of crude oil from the tanker Hebei Spirit off the Korean coast, blanketing the suspected HARPERS APERTURE base.




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