I O U rescdskfoo $2.25

I owe you $2.25 from borrowing money. Hell, what's $.75 anyways? I mean, 3 bucks isn't gonna put me in debt.

I bored $2.25 in quarters from rescdskfoo to play video games at the Purdue Memorial Union. $1.00 was spent on NFL Blitz (I won...yay for me...but the damn game costs $.50 a quarter...and i already had $.50 in my pocket). The other $1.00 was spent on a really crappy Star Wars Trilogy game. The kind of game with a big screen monitor. It had a flimsy joystick (with the axes (sp?) reversed...which means when you push forward you go up, which is not the way it's supposed to be...duh). So anyways, resc and I sat back and watched this business man type guy up there blasting away making it look super easy (this is awhile after I started the game w/ my cash and went straight to advanced and got my ass kicked). Anyways, this guy is up there having NO problem aiming and kicking ass with a seemingly wimpy gun (standard blaster) flying around on Endor on a Speeder Bike (is that right?). Erm..where is this going...Oh, right...almost done with this (sorta) flashback. Anyways, the guy is playing and he was doing really well but he messed up once ... and it wasn't even that major, but he gets pissed and takes it out on the joystick. He just got up and stormed out of the arcade without saying a word. Me, resc and a 3rd onlooker stand there looking back and forth confusingly. Obviously, something like this wasn't exactly expected. Anyways, we didn't really wanna play the game, so we let the 3rd guy take over this guy's (still in progres...on the next level...FREE GAME) game. So later on I went back with the $1.00 that resc let me borrow and start out on beginning this time. And I got my ass kicked AGAIN! Oh well...after that I didn't borrow any money because I didn't wanna rack up a large IOU and It's his money for crying out loud. And it was getting around 10:0 anyways, so I had to take him home and get back around 10:30 or so.

So anyways, resc. I owe you $2.25, but like I said, just because it's easier, I'll hand you 3 bones and call it even. Sound good? Good..I'm not gonna let you argue.


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