Phil Foglio(pronounced Fohl-e-o) is a well-known cartoonist, artist, and writer in the independent comics and role-playing business. He started the company Studio Foglio with his wife, Kaja Foglio to publish their stuff.

Phil originally had wanted to be a computer programmer, but during the time that he was in college, he realized that the degree required a lot of math, something which he did poorly. So instead he became an artist.

He created the design for the miniatures in RoboRally, but is best known for his ongoing serial comic in Dragon, "What's New?" Which has recently come back to Dragon after two hiati, one before its appearance in Duelist, and one after.

He has also created two original comic books, Buck Godot and Girl Genius. Buck Godot currently has no new issues coming out anytime soon, but Girl Genius is a new ongoing series.

He also illustrated and adapted the Robert Aspirin book Another Fine Myth, under the title Mythadventures.

Phil Foglio is quite at large, and if you wish to buy some of his lovely products or see the conventions he is going to visit, visit

Bibliography: (As according to as of Feb. 1999.) "A vast uncataloged amount of art for science-fiction fanzines from 1973 to 1979. We're talking hundreds of pictures for about as many publications. The person who first manages to compile a complete bibliography of these works will be duly crowned King." -Kaja Foglio
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