Gaming-oriented comic strip by Phil Foglio which ran in Dragon Magazine from "just before" issue #50 (according to the REC.GAMES.FRP.DND FAQ) to issue #84. Phil, Dixie, and their dragon would tackle up-to-the-minute topics of interest to gamers, and constantly dropped hints about an upcoming "special segment" devoted to the subject of Sex and D&D - which of course kept getting canceled for various reasons. It was quite funny, and the entire run was eventually published in its entirity in two volumes by Foglio's own company Palliard Press.

Addendum: As of about the new year of Y2K, WN?wP&D is back in Dragon Magazine. I missed it before, and find it bizarre as often as funny, but it's better than some stuff they've had. (Later episodes of 'Yamara' spring to mind.) Next month: Sex in 3e! (Stop Press: delayed by two months...)

What's New?'s revival began on the pages of Duelist magazine, where it appeared regularly, starting with issue 1, after Phil Foglio got involved with Wizards of the Coast to create some of the art on Magic: the Gathering cards.

In Duelist issue 1, Phil's first line (to Dixie, while assembling a bat skeleton in a bottle) is "Go away. I don't do What's New anymore. I've devoted my life to art."

Its reappearance in Dragon is a consequence of TSR having been bought by WotC.

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