1/2 oz. vodka
1/4 oz. lime juice
Slightly less than 1/4 oz. of lemon juice
A little bit of honey

This mixed drink is somewhat complicated to make, but is well worth it, IMHO. Rather than measuring everything independently, it's probably best to just do everything in a 1 oz. shot glass and eyeball it.

Fill the shot glass halfway with vodka. Fill to the 3/4 mark with lime juice, then to the 7/8 mark with lemon juice. Now dump that mixture into some other convenient glass. Put a little bit of honey (maybe a bit less than 1/8 oz.) in the shot glass, and add lemon juice up to the 1/8 mark. Mix thoroughly with something small enough to fit into the shot glass. Now stir the original mixture (vodka, lemon and lime) with the same object, so as to dissolve any honey sticking to it (this will make the drink slightly sweeter). Now, carefully pour the vodka/lemon/lime mixture in on top of the honey/lemon mixture, as if making a layered shot. The honey should remain at the bottom, slowly bleeding into the whitish mixture of vodka and lemon/lime juice. The effect is quite aesthetically pleasing.

When drinking the shot, make sure to keep the shot glass tipped back and your mouth open until the honey begins to dribble into your mouth. There's a brief flash of intense acidity and alcohol taste, then the honey covers it all up, leaving nothing but a pleasant, sweet taste.

See the Mixed Drinks Metanode.

Also a less known (at least i'd never heard of it until i drank one of these last night) drink made from the following:

  • 2,5 cl Jägermeister
  • 2.5 cl Bärenjäger

    Served in a shot-glass, well cooled.
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