As opposed to an IT troll, an IT snob is someone from the Information Technology department in a company that is a snob.

Snobbishness is often aimed only in the direction of non-IT employees in the same company. This makes IT snobs very difficult to work with.

IT snobs are typically not the best at what they do, but they can do their jobs better than a non-trained person could.

Phrases I've heard IT snobs utter:
What? You mean you don't know how to do Crystal Reports?
Why did they put YOU on this job?
Yes you do kind of suck
What? You mean you don't know much about Oracle?
Well of course you're a moron
What? You don't know VB? What kind of person are you?

This node is sadly, not a joke. This node was created by someone from an Engineering department.
Dont forget them asking questions like:

Why did you become a Computer Science major? Everyone knows that IT is the better feild.

Don't you know that Microsoft Access is the only database tool an we use here?
You wrote that in C++? You can't do that. Re-write it in VB now!
Let me guess your one of those crazy UNIX gurus?
You don't use Windows at home? What kind of an animal are you?

All of the above are close to true life experiences.

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