natalie portman
   taco has hot grits in pants
           negative one, troll

   "first post, bitch" I scream
   for I am a slashdot troll
   hot grits and flamebait
What about right wing maniac trolls? What are we, chopped liver?

Harry Truman was
A Communist operative

He lied to us all.

Radical leftists
Have hidden the evidence:
The H-bomb is safe.

The feminist plot
To kill all the men is now
Reaching fruition!

American natives
Never existed
! The moon
Is a hoax
! This I believe.

People will rebut
This irrational nonsense:
They must be on crack.

Speaking of crack, I sincerely hope that "Troll's" in the title of this node wasn't meant to be the plural of "troll". (Magenta has since assured me that it is, but he was too polite to wonder aloud if I was on crack :)

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