The IceWM Window Manager is a fast and stable window manager for the X11 Window System. As the man page states the "extreme configurability similar to fvwm and many other window manager is not the goal". As the result IceWM is extremely fast, easy to use and easy to configure. IceWM is fully themeable, contains a menu bar a la Windows 9x and has fast switching with alt-tab. If you dislike editing config files, all the preferences can be selected using IcePref. also lists the following features:

  • Feeling comfortable to use, being simple and fast, and not getting in the way.
  • Full GNOME compliance, partial KDE compliance.
  • A default configuration fully usable without tweaking.
  • Optional use of mouse.
  • Combining the best features of other window managers and GUIs.
  • Themes that can customize the look, and allowing the user to customize the feel.

IceWM has been coded from scratch in C++ by Marko Macek and shares no code with other window managers. IceWM is © by Marko Macek and is being developed under the LGPL.

Personally, I like it because it's not bloated, stable and pretty.

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