A Barenaked Ladies song that is improvised heavily during their live shows. They may intro it with "All I Wanna Do", "Cornflake Girl", "Loser", "Creep", or some combination of those and others.

The first verse generally ends up with an extended commentary on condiments, reminiscences of the dangers of tree forts, or some such. Steve has also been known to grab one of the many Macaroni and Cheese boxes, open it, and mix it in his mouth. Yikes.

The line about buying a monkey has resulted in several jokes about Mickey Dolenz in mid song. It is of course best when one of them comes up with a joke that makes one or several members of the band lose it and stop playing.

My favorite version comes from the Maybe You Should Drive tour, wherein the song is true to the album version up until the last line, where they sing

"And if I had a million dollars, some sonofabitch would die".

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