Force to words.. tears and hurt, suffering, pain, longing for things that are not, the tiniest pieces of life that everyone seems to pass over, lyrics. Take the intense emotion that forces you to stare quietly, to really think, and that is the sound. Their songs have been an experience for me..

The groups latest album is "The Audio of Being", it is amazing..

I listen to them while I write.. I listen when I need to slip into some corner of the universe and drift quietly through my own thoughts. It holds you.. the lyrics, the music, they are drawing. When I need it, the sadness or the lost, I find it there between notes and aching words.

If you are dedicated enough, you can find some of their early demo work, some of Matt's stuff from before the band, when there was a lot more piano. It's really quite lovely.. Whispering in the Dark, and Break in the Rhythm are among these.

The band has released a couple of their albums in the U.S., though slightly modified versions. A couple of the hits off of Underdogs were tacked onto the U.S. Beautiful Midnight release.

ian browne - drums. went to high school with matt, and has been with the band since the beginning.
rich priske - guitar.
dave genn - guitar, keyboard/piano, bass.

geoff lloyd - early member, left just before the release of beautiful midnight.

todd kerns - backup vocals on several songs. worked with the band on most all of their albums.

Albums.. The main members of the group are all from, and currently reside in BC, Canada.


The Matthew Good Band is no more (as of early 2002).. Matt is planning to release a solo effort at some point in the not too distant future.

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