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"Last of the Ghetto Astronauts" was the first full length album recorded by the Matthew Good Band -- although there were a few demo tapes with enough songs to be considered full length (but of course they weren't albums). It was first released under an independent label (Dunharrow Music) in December of 1995. The album was a huge hit and the MGB was finally brought to the ears of average-Joe-radio-listener (myself included) with their first single "Alabama Motel Room." Due to its immense popularity, the album was rereleased in October of 1997, around the same time their second LP "Underdogs" came out.

Track Listing:

Alabama Motel Room*
Symbolistic White Walls*
She's Got a New Disguise
Native Son
Every Name Is My Name
Haven't Slept in Years*
Radio Bomb
The War Is Over
Omissions of the Omen - Secret Track

* Singles - With the exception of Haven't Slept in Years, which WAS a single, but on the Raygun EP in a re-recorded format.

All songs were written by Matthew Good, except for "Alabama Motel Room," which was the brainchild of Matt Good (the lead singer/guitarist), Geoff Lloyd (the bassist), and Ian Browne (the drummer).

"Last of the Ghetto Astronauts" was also the name of a song from Matthew Good's "15 Hours on a September Thursday" tape. The name was probably just too cool (in Good's mind) to let die, and was later used to name the LP.

Last of the Ghetto Astronauts lyric removed. Copyright is now strictly enforced. - Admin.

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