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The Audio of Being is the fourth full length album to be recorded by the Matthew Good Band, and will, more than likely, be the last one put out by the original (mostly) band members. Shortly after its release in October of 2001, the guitarist (Dave Genn) and drummer (Ian Browne) of the band left, leaving only Matt Good and Rich Priske -- the bassist who replaced Geoff Lloyd after the band's second full length album "Underdogs."

The cd was put out in a "limited edition" form which included a lyric booklet for all the songs ever released under the name Matthew Good Band -- unfortunately, all demo songs were released under just Matthew Good, so we still have to decipher their lyrics ourselves. The booklet's preface is a paragraph of typical Matt Good cynicism:

a pleasurable headache?
this cheaply made product contains lyrics to all four mgb studio albums and three ep's. durings its creation a great deal of care was taken to find the original lyrical version of each song before it was retarded by the unfortunate repetitions that rock music often demands. this cheaply made book would be pointless otherwise if not to offer some discrepancies between it and previously printed materials. therefore you will discover a few. i found it difficult to bring myself to admit that i was responsible for a great deal of what you're about to read. so i immediately ordered that it be transformed into a cheaply made and totally unnecessary promotional item.

I believe the lack of capitalization is just to further push the image of a cheaply made product -- all the songs are written in the same manner.

Track listing:

Man of Action
Advertising on Police Cars
I, the Throw Away
Truffle Pigs
The Fall of Man
Under the Influence
The Rat Who Would Be King
The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production
Sort of a Protest Song.

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