The Texas landscape consists of a very big nothing. If you are driving through Texas, the only thing on your mind is how soon you can get back to your computer or t.v. so you can look at some not-cows and smell something other than their manure. But you know that the nearest hint of civilization is several hours away at best, and civilization is very likely to be refer to an oversized Dairy Queen surrounded by a few mobile homes. Being stuck on the road in Texas is understandably depressing.

You have been driving this way for god knows how long, and you are quite at your wits' end. Then this message pops up before you, accompanied by a big Texas smiley face; sure, any sane person would dismiss it as the cheesy joke it really is, but they have not been looking at cows and grass, cows and grass for 9 hours.


And it's already got you. Even if just for a moment, you give in to its hackneyed but beautiful temptation. You stop paying attention to the road for a minute (its not like anybody could possibly be within 10 miles of you here) and think about how much you want to be home right now.

Slap yourself. If you search hard enough in the back of your mind, you will remember the proper response:

Yes, but you would also live here.

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