Something that school officials apparently believe that all children have the ability to do.

It's a horrible concept. A bladder is not something to be ignored. If you can manage to restrain yourself, well, then you go through torture for possibly a few hours, if you have classes that are far away from each other and do not have the time to stop at the bathroom (more on this later). If you don't manage to restrain yourself, you feel momentary satisfaction which is quickly replaced by horrid embarrassment.

I don't know why, but teachers apparently have it ingrained in their head that you will be more productive if you don't take precious time out of your day to relieve yourself. I personally am much less productive, as instead of concentrating on my work, I am concentrating on "I can hold it, I can hold it, I can hold it..." Much more work could get done if we were just allowed to go when necessary.

One problem specific to my school is a result of stupid people. Recently, many stupid people have been writing bomb threats on our school's bathroom walls. This has caused a much tighter security related to them. Now, teachers are unable to let you go unless you have:

1. A strong need (very judgemental)
2. Your student handbook (very bulky)
3. Your student ID (easily forgotten)
4. A sympathetic teacher(rare in my school)

All four of these conditions must be met before your are even considered for being able to leave.

For a basic human necessity

Seems all very insane if you ask me.

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