Ilse de Lange (1977) Dutch singer

Country singer Ilse de Lange (born in Almelo, May 1977, on Friday 13th) is a big pop star in the Netherlands, which is amazing because country is not popular at all in Holland. Her typical country-sound is influenced by soul and folk, her voice is great, but biggest part of Ilse de Lange's success is her personality. She's spontaneous and always smiling – even yours truly, who hates people that are always happy, has fallen for her.

Her first single I'm not so tough immediately became a big hit in June 1998. Although it definitely seems country music, Ilse is hesitative of the label: "It is my music, but I do not want that country look. Country is okay, but no cowboys." Not long after the single I'm not so tough, she released her debut album World of Hurt, which was recorded in Nashville and produced by Barry Beckett (who also worked with Bob Dylan and Joe Cocker). Almost half a million records were sold, which is huge for a Dutch artist.

After issuing other hit singles as World of hurt, I'd be yours and When we don't talk, she toured in the Netherlands and other countries including Great Britain. Still, her record company Warner Nashville decided to dump her because Ilse's success in America stayed out and the Dutch singer refused to commercialise in order to sell more records there.

Dutch Warner Records was willing to sign her instead. In 1999 Ilse de Lange (also known under her internationalised name Ilse DeLange) introduced a new album called Dear John, containing only live tracks written by John Hiatt. Hiatt is one of her big examples, as are Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton and Bonnie Raitt. The album was recorded during her concert in Paradiso (Amsterdam) on May 26, 1999. Dear John is a 'live & limited' album, selling over 100,000 records. Which is remarkable, because there were only 100,000 limited editions...

Alison Krauss was in the background choir for When You Put It Like That, one of the songs on Ilse's 2000 album Livin' On Love. "Beforehand, Barry and I were a little nervous. We only knew her as that famous bluegrass singer. But she was a very nice girl". Julie Miller also contributed to the album.

Although to most Dutch people Ilse is synonym to Almelo, she does not live there anymore. With her boyfriend (her band's drummer Bart Vergoossen) she lives in Arnhem.

World Of Hurt (1998)

  1. Flying Blind
  2. Lonely Too
  3. Just Like The Moon
  4. What Does Your Heart Say Now
  5. I'd Be Yours
  6. World Of Hurt
  7. All The Woman You'll Ever Need
  8. If You Had The Heart
  9. Flying Solo
  10. Old Tears
  11. I'm Not So Tough
  12. When We Don't Talk
  13. Tap Dancing On The Highwire
  14. You Are The Dream

Dear John (1999)

  1. It'll Come To You
  2. Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder
  3. Angel Eyes
  4. Inside Job
  5. Riding With The King
  6. Sure Pinocchio
  7. Feels Like Rain
  8. Back Of My Mind
  9. Have A Little Faith In Me

Livin' On Love (2000)

  1. Good Thing
  2. Naked Heart
  3. Ride The Wind To Me
  4. Breathin'
  5. I Still Cry
  6. Beyond Gravity
  7. Livin' On Love
  8. Peaceful In Mine
  9. When You Put It Like That
  10. Always Overcome
  11. Breathe In, Breathe Out
  12. Everywhere I Go

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