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A New Yorker and a musical artist formerly signed to Columbia Records/Sony Music. Her first (and so far only) album is called Chupacabra which translates roughly to mean goatsucker in Spanish. She has supposedly recorded a second album but it remains unreleased until she signs a deal with "a label that has a clue." The video for her song, Legend of a Cowgirl was in rotation for a brief while on MTV during 1997 but was soon banished to the vaults. She played some dates on the Lilith Fair tour in 1998. Since then, her musical adventures have been relatively obscure and unavailable for public consumption, though she did manage to pop up with one song, called Count to 10, on a soundtrack for the HBO series Sex and the City which stars Sarah Jessica Parker. (vomit)

Track listing for Chupacabra is as follows:
I'm a Tree
Legend of a Cowgirl
Naked City
It's All About Me, Me and Me
Karma and the Blizzard
One of These Days
Pigeon Penelope
Soon (I Like It)
Forget Myself
La Da Da
My Day At the Ocean

Random trivia:
She went to school at SUNY Purchase
Is a terrible speller
Makes nifty drawings with crayons and Magic Markers
Believes in friendly aliens
Began playing the violin at the age of six
Wrote a song about a pigeon who pooped on her head

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