This is a somewhat derogatory term. Kind of along the lines of calling Black People "coloreds" or Asian People "oriental." It's actual spelling is "quadroon." It's offensiveness stems from the fact that it is an outdated way of identifying racial make-up that originated in a racially biased society. A similar example of this phenomena would be in the way the word 'nigger' used to be used as a term to identify someone of African descent but is now considered a highly derogatory term. I always feel a little sorry for people who use words like this. I think they should get out more.

Similar throwbacks to more ignorant times: octaroon, darky, mulatto, colored, half-breed, high yellow, pickaninny

As a side note, I am going to Kick Webster 1913's ASS for being such an old-fashioned dickhead. Everything needs a revised and updated dictionary!

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