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A port on the west coast of South Korea.

In July 1950, at the start of the Korean War, almost all of South Korea was under control of the armed forces of the North, except for Pusan at the country's southern tip. General Douglas MacArthur planned "Operation Chromite" to split the North's forces and retake South Korea. It would be a difficult assault, complicated by huge tides and the lack of a beach (rocks and sea walls).

On September 15, 1950, after two weeks of preparatory shelling and strafing by the US and British navies, an amphibious assault took place. There were three assault points: Green Beach (the island of Wolmi Do), and two assault points designated Red Beach and Blue Beach. Within a day all three were captured, and with unexpectedly low casualties the Marines soon took both Inchon and nearby Kimpo air field.

The attack allowed the forces bottled up at Pusan to break out, and within two weeks Seoul had been recaptured and the remaining North Korean troops were fleeing.

Also, Inchon is the name of the USS Inchon (MCS-12) a United States helicopter carrier.

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