As of August 14th, 2001, when the merger with Chapters finally officially took place, Indigo is now the corporate name of the largest retail bookstore chain in Canada. The full name of the new company is "Indigo Books & Music Inc." Stores throughout Canada under the brand names Indigo, Chapters, Coles, SmithBooks, and the World's Biggest Bookstore in Toronto, are now all part of Indigo, the corporation.

(For background information dealing with events leading up to the merger, see Chapters vs. Indigo.)

Significant changes since the merger: Indigo stores have switched to Chapters' computer and inventory systems; Indigo the corporation has taken on pretty much all of Chapters' former corporate and employee policies and programs; Indigo has dropped the sponsorship of several events and awards previously sponsored by Chapters; a new loyalty card program (iRewards, to replace the Chapter One card, Indigo Circle Card, and Coles/SmithBooks Avid Reader card) will be rolled out, featuring one card that can be used at all stores and brands throughout the chain; employee handbooks and related documentation given to employees are now blue instead of red.

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