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Inniskillin is a Canadian wine producer, incorporated in 1975, whose vineyards are scattered primarily across the southern regions of Ontario, such as Niagara although they do also have vineyards in Okanagan, British Columbia. While they do produce more typical wines, such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, they are perhaps best known for their "icewine" (or "ice wine"), a product which is the result of producing wine from naturally frozen grapes (usually riesling or vidal varietals), thus leading to a more condensed, rich and complex flavour. Inniskillin's icewines have won several awards in the past few years.

As Inniskillin's icewine is produced in small quantities -- as is that of most producers -- it may be difficult, although not impossible, to find in the United States, sold mostly through independent dealers. Whereas most Ontarians can purchase Inniskillin's products at their local LCBO, the best and least expensive way this author has thus far seen for Americans to purchase their icewines is at the 49° North duty free shop at Pearson International Airport (YYZ), just before entering U.S. Customs and Immigration.

For more information about Inniskillin and/or their wines, visit http://www.inniskillin.com/

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