"We're out of papers man!"

"Then get me a toilet paper roll, a corkscrew, and some tinfoil."

"But we don't have a corkscrew."

"Then get me an avacado, an icepick, and my snorkel. Trust me bro, I've made bongs from less."

This classic dialogue from Half Baked describes those known as Macguyver Smokers, a title which embodies their dual nature as extremely innovative and efficient engineers while in a bind as well as their affinity for weed. Being a student at NYU and a former roomate of several stoners, the types of smoking contraptions conceived are quite crazy, but they all work.

The last time I was in a bind, we were lucky to have a Macguyver smoker with us. We were able to form a bong using chewing gum, tinfoil, and a spring water bottle. Other items that come in handy attempting to make smoking devices include the following:

-Soda Cans

-Water bottles


-Mouthpieces of brass musical instruments

-Butter knives -Apples, or in a bind, pears. -Honey jars

From the list above, one can easily see the innovative nature of these pot smokers. If only these people would use their innovative skills to good use rather than to just find ways of smoking, the world would be a much more advanced place. Our hydraulic systems would be better, there would be crazy inventions, and they would be rich enough to buy a real bong. However, the main problem with these innovative individuals is that they can't remember for the life of it what they created or how they did it. So my advice to the stoners of the world, put your skills to good use.

Q: What question will always stump a stoner? A: "What were we just talking about?"

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