A shape created by extending a circular pattern through the z axis. To visualize it, start making a circle in the air with your finger. Then slowly move your hand down while continuing to make the circle.

A metal object with the shape described above and a handle used to remove corks from bottles.

A roller coaster at Cedar Point that has a vertical loop, and two more inversions in the corkscrew shape.


1 1/2 oz. of Rum & Dry Vermouth, 1/2 oz. Peach Brandy

Serve over ice, Strain into a chilled Cocktail glass, Granish with a Lime wedge

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Cork"screw` (-skr?"), n.

An instrument with a screw or a steel spiral for drawing corks from bottles.

Corkscrew starts, a spiral staircase around a solid newel.


© Webster 1913.

Cork"screw`, v. t.

To press forward in a winding way; as, to corksrew one's way through a crowd.




© Webster 1913.

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