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Arabic for "If God wills it."

Muslims believe that nothing in this world can happen unless Allah allows it to happen. It is therefore recommended for one to say this phrase when they mention something that they wish to perform, in hopes that Allah will allow their plan to take place.

It is inappropriate to use this phrase for acts that are against Islamic jurisprudence.

Good Examples:
Insha'Allah, I will make hajj this year.
I will repay the debt within a week. Insha'Allah.

Bad Examples:
We'll go out an steal a car tomorrow, Insha'Allah.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary:

"Representing Arab. in sa' Allah: if Allah wills (it), a very frequent pious ejaculation among Muslims."

"God Willing" in Arabic.

This phrase is commonly used by Muslims to convey a sense of hope for the future. It's kinda like saying "hopefully" after you mention some event that you hope will come to pass.
I.E: "In 4 years time, I will be done with school, Insha Allah."

What's interesting about this phrase is the fact that the speaker isn't the only one who uses it; the audience is also expected to say "Insha Allah" after someone describes an event in the future that they would like to see come to pass. For example, if someone had said the above sentence whilst around me, it would be customary for me to also say "Insha Allah".

Don't leave yet though, I have a funny!

Three men were sitting on a park bench in an Arab country one day when a beautiful woman passed by. Being a good Muslim, the woman was modestly dressed according to the rules of the Quran (hair covered, closed neck, etc.).
Upon seeing the woman, the first man was pleased at her modest dress and said, "Alhumdulallah" (All praise belongs to Allah, a phrase of appreciation).
The second man was also pleased by the sight of a decently dressed, proud Muslim woman and said, "Mash Allah" (God has willed it, another phrase of appreciation.)
The third man, who was not quite as "pure of heart" as the other two, quietly whispered...

"Insha Allah".

Please refrain from laughing too hard.

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