"Just Add Flavour"

The term "instant meal" is used to describe any food or beverage that can be made edible with the introduction of water and/or sufficient heat. Such products include instant coffee, instant noodles and instant curry, as well as all the ready-made meals for which Marks and Spencer and Tesco are almost famous. These are the ones that require only the slightly humourous instructions "remove sleeve and pierce with a fork" as well as the much sought-after skill of opening, closing and operating a microwave.

Yes, instant meals are the saviours of the modern world. Quality usually goes out of the window, but price goes down and time is virtually non-existent. They're not really even "instant", or you'd be able to buy one and immediately eat it. Yes, this is technically possible, though not advisable (i.e. you can do it, but it might kill you). I don't actually mind this new move towards instant meals, despite all of the connotations about it being symbolic of our society; people that have become used to instant food often expect instant love, instant gratification, instant results.

I don't mind it because I'm going to University in a few months and I aware that I'll probably die without Pot Noodles and the UK equivalent of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. It's not that I can't cook, just that it'll take far too much effort to cook every night, especially with the amount of work I'll be doing. Yes, give me a home-cooked meal or a good bolognese anytime, but failing that -- I'll be content with dehydrated cardboard and processed cheese.

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