A compilation album of progressive dance trance and techno tunes.

Personal Review:
A fantastic collection of extremely coooool songs - all with lyrics, a rare occurence for a techno and trance compilation. Great listening if you are looking to chill, are a person who needs to study with background music, or are just playing your favourite first-person shooter and need some inspiration.

Recently found out that there are now about 3 "Intoxication" compilation - and from all accounts, are all top notch.

Track listing to follow when I get around to it.

In*tox`i*ca"tion (?), n.

1. Med.

A poisoning, as by a spirituous or a narcotic substance.


The state of being intoxicated or drunk; inebriation; ebriety; drunkenness; the act of intoxicating or making drunk.


A high excitement of mind; an elation which rises to enthusiasm, frenzy, or madness.

That secret intoxication of pleasure. Spectator.Syn. -- Drunkenness; inebriation; inebriety; ebriety; infatuation; delirium. See Drunkenness.


© Webster 1913.

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