They dressed as people - male and female, old and young, from all the cultures of the planet called Earth.

Robots in three piece power suits striding out of the New York Federal Reserve.

Robots dressed as performers dressed as robots at the Video Music Awards ceremony.

Tiny robot girls on the playground at recess wearing brightly colored sundresses.

Robots wearing foulards in defiance of law in French courts.

Robots jiggling in pasties and thongs on the Las Vegas strip.

Robots in prayer shawls davening by the Western Wall.

Robots dressed in coveralls working under light trucks in the upper Midwest.

Night vision-goggled paratroop robots in the mountains of Pakistan.

Robots in traditional sleeveless red cloth dress amongst the herds of the Masai.

They spilled out of bars in the Castro district of San Francisco, the robots, confusingly clad.

Robots in white coats making rounds at Bellevue Hospital.

And none of the humans around the robots saw fit to comment on the proliferation of clothes-wearing robots, for no one saw that they were in fact only automata, so refined were their mechanical and control systems. The fabric draped naturally around skin that felt like warm human skin and perspired the same way that humans were. Their robot eyes held depths that seemed to contain a soul, in flagrant disregard of their artificial origins. Even when their bodies met with some mishap and their inner workings were exposed to sight, so precisely made were they designed that scarcely anyone noticed that the body parts and fluids were not exactly human. They were born, matured, aged, and died the same way as natural human men and women, wearing the garments that once only people had worn.

Only a few of us true humans are left now in our isolated compound amongst scrub and waste. We look out and see the transvestite robots, often in uniforms, and the looks on their manufactured faces almost seem to express actual scorn and hatred. It will not be long now before they come in vast numbers and tear us last survivors one from the other, sealing their final clothes-wearing victory over the fallen human race. When that time comes, we will fall back to our secret passageway to safety, naked, yet alive.

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