In*vec"tive (?), a. [L. invectivus: cf. F. invectif. See Inveigh.]

Characterized by invection; critical; denunciatory; satirical; abusive; railing.

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In*vec"tive, n. [F. invective.]

An expression which inveighs or rails against a person; a severe or violent censure or reproach; something uttered or written, intended to cast opprobrium, censure, or reproach on another; a harsh or reproachful accusation; -- followed by against, having reference to the person or thing affected; as an invective against tyranny.

The world will be able to judge of his [Junius'] motives for writing such famous invectives. Sir W. Draper.

Syn. -- Abuse; censure; reproach; satire; sarcasm; railing; diatribe. See Abuse.


© Webster 1913.

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