Irish Saints

St. Patrick (418-493)
"May God never permit it to happen to me that I should lose His people which He purchased in the utmost parts of the world."

St. Brigid (453-524)
"I should like to be a rent-payer to the Lord; that should I suffer misfortune, He would bestow upon me a good blessing."

St. Brendan (484-577)
Prayer of St. Brendan

"St. Brendan, help us to remember that we have only one true port-Heaven. Help us never to suffer shipwreck on our journey thither, not to put our souls in danger of sin which is the only true death. Pray for our land and our homes and make us know and love our faith more and more."

St. Columcille (521-597)
"Be at peace with one another and cherish sincere charity. If you thus follow the example of the holy fathers, God, the comforter of the good, will assist you and I will intercede for you. He will not only minister to your needs in this life, but will bestow upon you the eternal rewards that are prepared for those who obey His commandments."

St. Columban (540-615)
"I will see you no more in this life, Mother, but wherever the path of holiness leads, there will I follow."

St. Malachy (1095-1148)
"I will remember you if such rememberance is permitted. I am certain it will be permitted, for I have believed in God and to him who believes all theings are possible. I have loved God and I have loved you, and charity never falleth away."

St. Laurence O'Toole (1128-1180)
"Ah, foolish and senseless people, what will become of you now? Who will defend you? Who will relieve your sorrow?"

St. Oliver Plunkett (1629-1681)
On hearing the foreman of the jury pronounce him guilty and sentenced to death: "Deo gratias, God be thanked."

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