someones out there are saying this right now
and you may not even know them, you may be them:

paddled out to the middle of the black lake
laid the paddle across the gunnels and leaned back on it
feet up, drifting
the sky spun overhead
darkest and rightest of all;

en pointe, on the sustained peak of momentum,
living in the movement;

waking in the beam of sun
dust particles
i am lazier;

absorbed in the voice of the live person
singing raw into your ear;

really tasting;

being the live singer, raw
being adored, cresting;

everyone is laughing at once;

leaning forward into
oncoming understanding;

sweaty, out of breath, music pounding
three a.m.;

reaching the top
discovering depth of the moss
for bones and how to breathe;

lying in the arms of;

home -

somehow, this breathed
it doesn't get
wipes clean for a minute the tarred eyes
this is it
stretches the muscles of hope
here i fucking am, world!
exterminates the rats colony of daily worry
i love you

rises into the air,
feeds us all.

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