It is important to go out for a late walk in the new snow
because my dormitory is one block away from your apartment
because the Milky Way is visible even in the middle of town
because the guitarist in the courtyard has put away his songs and left us with silence
because the students have left for holiday
because the crickets and cicadas are all dead and sleeping

because the elm tree is so excellent a pitching target for snowballs, and so is your shoulder as you stoop to make more
because I want to watch you taste the pure clean cold
because life is short and you are hot, and so is the cocoa in this thermos - Drink?
because you work the night shift and never have time to stare at the moon

because I want to kiss you while your eyes are so blue and so full of me
because you need to slide on the ice and fall on your ass until you agree to let me teach you how to ice skate
because I want to dive into bed with you and put my chilly toes on your warm legs and feel you shudder but not complain

because in the morning two hundred different pairs of boots will cut it into warring hill countries of yellow slush, and we will remember how to be mortal

because the distance between "I" and "Thou" is the only reason we have forgotten that we are God, and I want to cross it.

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