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selections, as in, the ones I dig the most, though looking back, I should have put the complete filmography, as Orange Julius did. For shame!!, kessenich...:

Esophagus Now
Star Trek: The Next Laceration
Field of Screams
Spay Anything
Remembrance of Things Slashed

Burning Love
Let Them Eat Scratchy
Hold That Feline
Kitchen Kut-Ups
Messenger Of Death
Porch Pals
Sundae Bloody Sundae
Bang The Cat Slowly
O Solo Meow
Sounds Of Silencers, The
My Dinner With Itchy
Field Of Screams
House Of Pain, Or This Old House
Cat Splat Fever
I'm Getting Buried In The Morning
Flay Me To The Moon
Steamboat Itchy
100-Yard Gash
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
My Bloody Valentine
Dazed And Contused
Little Barbershop Of Horrors
Screams From A Mall
Untitled (Special Guest Director Oliver Stone)
Germs Of Endearment
Spay Anything
Burning Down The Mouse
Ahhh! Wilderness
Scar Trek: The Next Laceration
Buck Chops Here, The
Planet Of The Aches
Last Traction Hero, The
Four Funerals And A Wedding
Skinless In Seattle
Foster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!
Esophagus Now
Remembrance Of Things Slashed
Good Cats, Bad Choices
Reservoir Cats (Special Guest Director Quentin Tarantino)
Why Do Fools Fall In Lava?
Beagle Has Landed, The
Deaf Comedy Blam!
Glass Moan-agerie, The
Candle In The Wound
Tears Of A Clone, The

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