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J-List is a website that specializes in providing the American public with interesting pieces of Japanese pop culture. The website is based out of Isesaki, which is in Gunma Prefecture, in Japan. Here is a list of the current J-List staff:

  • Peter Payne: The creator of the site. He moved to Japan in 1991, and then taught English as a second language (ESL), in Japan, for four years.
  • Tomo Fujita: A former English teacher in Japan.
  • Yasuhiro Nieda: Was a student in Philadelphia for two years, where he perfected his English. He has worked at Sun Produce, a fashion agency, where he worked with some of Japan's prominent models/idols.
  • "Harumi-Chan": She is responsible for packing every order that is shipped out from their Isesaki office.
  • "Kaori-Chan": A former student of Peter Payne.
  • Chiharu Payne: Peter Payne's wife. She is supposedly responsible for keeping the J-List team in line.

J-List offers a wide variety of products that include:

  • Japanese magazines: They have a large selection of literature that you might find on a newsstand in Japan. Mostly targeted towards adult audiences.
  • Photobooks: Books that feature a selection of photos themed around a specific idol/activity/fetish. Again, mostly all for mature audiences.
  • Manga & Doujinshi: They have a very large selection of adult cartoon books, as well as a smaller selection of those for younger audiences.
  • Bishoujo games: These are games that are themed around sexual activity. J-List offers a large selection from some of the largest Bishoujo developers (JAST USA, Peach Princess).
  • DVDs from Japan: Here they have a large selection of both live action and anime DVDs that are available in Japan. In addition to the abundance of adult material, they also offer some anime by Hayao Miyazaki that have not been released in the U.S. Also, here they have for sale region free DVD players, so you can actually watch what you buy.
  • Unique Adult Toys: Here they have a very "interesting" selection of adult toys from Japan. Some of the ones that stick out are a Hello Kitty vibrator, and various inflatable love pillows (dutch wives), that resemble Japanese idols.
  • Japanese Calendars: These are calendars that are currently on sale in Japan. Most feature a Japanese model, but one or two feature a musical group.
  • Anime & Toys: This is one section that actually features non-adult products. Some of the products include many characters from various Miyazaki films, and Kubric figurines.
  • T-Shirts & Costumes: This is the section that contains really funny t-shirts with sayings in Japanese ("Respect the Emperor", "I am Hentai", etc.). One can also purchase a Sailor style school uniform in this section.
  • Japanese Snacks and Gum: Really neat and tasty treats from Japan. Some of my favorites include Black Black gum, and Pocari Sweat.
  • Wacky Things from Japan: This is the section where all of the random, or funny items can be found. It is only a collection of things found in other sections

J-List is a unique site, with a diverse selection of products that I have not seen anywhere else, save for Japan. I was most impressed with their t-shirt selection, and actually purchased a couple. I was also amazed by the very quick shipment (some items are shipped from San Diego), for I received my shirts only three days after I ordered, and that's with the standard UPS ground service. This site is recommended to anyone who enjoys Japanese pop culture, or is looking to learn more about it.

There are two different J-List sites, one for individuals under the age of 18, and another for those 18 and older. This write-up is based on the latter of the two sites. You can visit J-List at:

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