A special formulation of jet fuel, used widely for naval forces. (Primary jet fuel for United States Navy and Marine Corps) Also known as NATO code F-44, this kerosene-like fuel has a flash-point of about 140 degrees F, and if poured out in a line on a suitable combustion surface, it would burn with a flame spread of 100 feet per minute.

Unlike JP8, which is used by the Air Force, JP5 does not contain any anti-static additive. JP5 is less combustible than JP8, and thus tends to be used aboard naval vessels where fire-safety dictates such a high flash-point.

Although jet fuel is widely assumed to be highly explosive, it is generally hard to ignite, and may not even burn when a lighted match is touched to it.

This fuel is also one of the approved fuels for the turbine-powered M1-A1 Abrams combat tank.

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