A brand of guitar made by the Jackson Guitar company. Generally good solidbody electric guitars for heavy metal and jazz. A nice full tone that lacks twang. The standard shapes are:

Dinky: similar in shape to a Fender Stratocaster

Rhoads: Similar to a gibson flying V, but not looking as stupid or clunky. Named after Randy Rhoads, original guitarist in Ozzy Osbourne's first band. Uncomfortable when played sitting down.

Kelly: A wierd shape with lots of nice curves and a few pointy bits. Vaguely reminiscent of a Gibson Explorer.

Jackson Guitars was actually originally owned by the Charvel guitar company, but after becoming popular, became its own entity. Recently, the Fender guitar company acquired the Jackson brand, hoping to use it as their 'cheap' guitars, using inferior parts, much to the dismay of many metal artists. (Personally, I am not much of a Fender fan.)

The most common Jackson guitar is the Dinky, which comes in several different styles, the most well-known being the Dinky DKMG and the JS-1 (The JS-1 is more or less the budget version of the DKMG). Also very popular guitars from Jackson, was the Rhoads, mentioned above, and the Kelly, also mentioned above.

Personally, I love playing my Jackson, but if you were to buy one, I'd seriously recommend buying a used guitar, that was manufactured before the Fender buyout, as they are of much better quality.

Side Note
Charvel is the brand of guitar that Eddie Van Halen used early on in his career, before switching to Peavey. Recently, Charvel has crawled back out of the woodwork and has released a reissue of the original EVH guitar.

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