A prolific writer of science fiction, James P. Hogan's first book was published in 1977, and he's been writing ever since. Hogan was born in London in 1941, and he went through a variety of jobs, gaining a solid background in science. He specialized in electronics and finally went into the computer industry. While working at DEC, he took up writing sci-fi and ended up winning an office bet by getting published a few years later. A few years later, he quit his day job to become a full-time author.

James P. Hogan has six children (apparantly books aren't the only thing he produces enthusiastically) and splits his time between his home in Bray, Ireland and the United States.

Hogan's books are enjoyable, on the whole. They include some very interesting scientific ideas (I was captivated by the entire prologue of Code of the Lifemaker, which contains a summary of how a form of life totally different from ours might evolve) In general, his stories are optimistic in tone. Some of his characters repeat from story to story, but the ideas in each book vary enough to keep them interesting.


The Giants Novels
Inherit the Stars - May 1977
The Gentle Giants of Ganymede - May 1978
Giants' Star - July 1981

Code Of the Lifemaker - June 1983
The Immortality Option - February 1995

The Genesis Machine - April 1978
The Two Faces of Tomorrow - June 1979
Thrice Upon a Time - March 1980
Voyage From Yesteryear - July 1982
The Proteus Operation - October 1985
Endgame Enigma - August 1987
The Mirror Maze - March 1989
The Infinity Gambit - March 1991
Entoverse - October 1991
The Multiplex Man - December 1992
Realtime Interrupt - March 1995
Paths to Otherwhere - February 1996
Bug Park - April 1997
Star Child - June 1998
Outward Bound - March 1999
Cradle of Saturn - June 1999
The Legend that was Earth - October 2000

Short Stories(chronological order)
Silver Shoes for a Princess
Sword of Damocles
Till Death Us Do Part
Identity Crisis
Making Light
The Absolutely Foolproof Alibi
Down to Earth
Fortune Cookie
Generation Gap
Inside Story
Merry Gravmas
The Pacifist
Rules Within Rules
Last Ditch
Zap Thy Neighbor
Madam Butterfly
Out of Time
His Own Worst Enemy
The Kahl of Tadzhikstan
The Colonizing of Tharle
Take Two

Minds, Machines, and Evolution
Rockets, Redheads, and Revolution
Martian Knightlife

Mind Matters: Exploring the World of Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to http://www.jamesphogan.com for information.

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